Mutiny Shaving - Safety Razor with 5 Blades

Mutiny Shaving - Safety Razor with 5 Blades

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2 billion!!!....that's the estimated number of single use plastic razors that are used and end up in landfill every year but here's the good news.....

By switching to this stunning Mutiny safety razor not only will you no longer contribute to that number but you'll have a reusable stylish razor that will not only look chic in your bathroom but it will last for years..

This swish chrome finished razor comes with 5 blades included to get you started..don't be scared of this razor, once you get started you'll only wonder why you waited so's super simple to change the blade as the handle unwinds to allow you to place the blade into the head, screw it all together and off you go..face, legs, arms this beauty is for everyone....

  • Eco friendly
  • 100% recyclable packaging 
  • 5 blades included 
  • Made in the UK