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Reusable Face Wipes - 5 pack - by Head in the Woods

Reusable Face Wipes - 5 pack - by Head in the Woods

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These wipes from the lovely people at Head in The Woods are made of 2 layers: one side a soft cotton for a gentle cleanse, the other an organic cotton muslin for exfoliation. The muslin has just the right roughness to get rid of dead skin cells without being too harsh on your skin. It wipes off make up perfectly. The layers are securely attached with a cross stitch in the middle to make an extra strong wipe that doesn’t move about whilst in use. The edges are finished with a contrasting thread which is 100% organic cotton.

To use, run a wipe under the tap and squeeze before putting any cleanser on it. Remove make-up as usual.

Care for your wipes:
After use, rinse thoroughly with warm water. If they have a lot of mascara stains, gently rubbing in some soap followed by a rinse will help getting them clean in the washing machine after. The wipes can be washed at up to 60 degrees and are dryer safe. Wash the wipes before first use. They will shrink slightly after the first wash. Using a laundry bag helps keeping your wipes in good condition for longer.

When your wipes are at the end of their lives (They should at least last 1 year but most likely much longer, depending on usage and how you care for them), they can be cut up in strips and put on the compost bin.

Pack contains 5 wipes