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Tookies Circulation Glove

Tookies Circulation Glove

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Tookies Circulation Gloves by Lavinia Trade increase circulation and remove dead skin cells. They are the ultimate in luxury scrubbing when taking a bath, shower or even dry scrubbing because the texture and feel of the cotton weave makes exfoliating a pleasure. They make wonderful gifts providing great value to those who receive them.

• Size: 8 inches by 4 inches

• Stretch fit

• Scrub without scratching the surface of your skin

• Use with wet or dry scrub

• Stimulate circulation

• Exfoliate

• Machine wash/dry

• Compostable and recycles as potting mesh

A greener home - Combine Nordic quality and durability with social responsibility and a Fairtrade project in India, and you get Toockies! An eco-friendly brand that is firmly leading the way to a plastic-free household. Make the shift today from conventional plastic sponges and plastic shower products that pollute our oceans, to zero-waste, organic, cradle-to-cradle handmade houseware.